Is it possible if you get all your orders in a single list by name


Is it possible to get the orders you get in a single day by name into a list.

Like,if 3 members buy something,it should show in a inline lists one by one based on the name as well as in a day.

Are the three things a member bought already part of a larger list? If so, just filter the list.

Filter by date? Or something

I guess I need to know more about the data setup. Do you only have a single list of all orders and you want to see who ordered what per day?

Yes…I have a row of date ordered,ordered by,etc…
Then I need to display it the whole order in a inline list,it may whatever time in a day,it should show in a list by name may be if I’m not wrong.

For ex,


Item 1
Item 2


Item 1
Item 2

It should show like this in a inline list if I select the date maybe today.

This will help filter the items by date:

Then use grouping to group by name.

Sort by timestamp

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