Is it impossible to add borders in Glide Pages?

I am relatively new to Glide so its very possible I’ve just missed something. For context, I’m an Airtable expert who has loosely been following Glide since they opened their AT connector. This is the first full project I’ve built.

I was able to recreate my website using Glide Pages and am very pleased with the results apart from a few important things, one of which seems to be that there is no native way to apply a border of any kind to anything. Of course there are other tweaks I’d like to make but my entire branding package is heavily reliant on borders, so this is the most important bit of styling that is lacking.

I built my existing site (sample images of borders below) out of static HTML and CSS so I already know precisely what I would need to add. However I see that CSS is only available for Business plans at $249/mo. This project is simply not worth $3,000/year. I’ve seen other threads that add Rich Text components to insert style tags but I haven’t gotten that to work in Pages.

Am I correct in thinking to add a simple border to an image I’d need to join a plan two tiers higher than I’d otherwise need? From the sounds of it, opening up CSS capability is the opposite of what they want to do per the CEO’s comments in a recent interview. So are there non-CSS workarounds to add borders to Images and Containers?

For adding borders to images, Cloudinary is probably your best bet. For borders or any sort of additional styling on containers, I think you’re out of luck - at least for now.

But Glide evolves at a rapid rate, and Pages have already come a long way since they were released. I can’t say whats coming - because I don’t know - but I do know we see new Pages features and capabilities being added pretty much on a weekly basis.

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Thank you for the reply. For a bit more context, the border for images is just for the thumbnail, and changes shape/color/style when hovered. I could re-export my hundreds of attachments to have a “thumbnail variant” that has a border on it, but of course that is very, very far from ideal, convenient, or responsive.

I agree that Pages has changed a great deal for the better since its initial launch. But you can’t borders to anything Apps either. At least in apps you can force it with the rich-text workaround.

I haven’t seen many threads discussing borders so I’m afraid this is bottom their to-do list, if its even on it at all.