Is Glide Down? Apps Aren't Loading for Me

Is Glide currently down? When I go to, it bring up my apps verrrryyy slowly, and then when I click on one of them, they don’t load.

Apps are also not loading on my phone.

Tried clearing cache, but now it won’t let me login with Google.

Having the same here

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Where are you located? Can you please send screenshots. We are not seeing any issues.

Texas. Here’s one below of the Sign In screen. I can’t seem to get past it now. Trying to sign in with Google. Still can’t load any of the apps I’ve created on my phone either.


Sorry can you please include the developer console :slight_smile:

Is this still happening for you?

Yes, it sure is. Still can’t sign in. And no apps are loading on my phone either.

I apologize we are still unable to replicate the issue on our end. We’ve taken some mitigation steps can you check again?

Yeah, still nothing. Weird… it’s like I’m totally locked out.

Can you send a screenshot of please?

Hmmm, I reloaded the page, went into console and is not showing up. Will it appear after a little while?

Well that would explain your issue…

Can you test

It says the site can’t be reached when I click on

Any chance you can try to get a traceroute to that address?

Hmmm, I’m not sure how to do that. Can you explain further?

Are you still having issues? Traceroute is a command you would need to be able to run. If I have to explain how its probably not going to be something you are comfortable doing but it gives deep debugging information about what is going wrong.

In general it appears your ISP is failing to route data to our servers. I suspect if you use your phones data instead of wifi it will work fine.

You may want to reach out to your ISP and complain. In general the problem is somewhere between you and us, but I have no idea where. If you want to schedule a 15 minute call with me I’m happy to do so, just email me at jason at heyglide dot com (I have no idea why Im masking that its basically public info to all bots).

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I guess our ISP resolved it. It’s working today. Apps are working now as well. Thanks for your help, @Jason.