Is Form Container better than a Form Screen?

The Form Screen is the easiest way to allow users to add records to your database. However, one of its features is also one of its limitations: the form doesn’t let users save their progress in the event they close the form.

Imagine the heartbreak of spending several minutes filling out a lengthy form only to accidentally close it and start from scratch :scream:

If you want to offer your users an update-efficient solution that allows them to save their progress when filling out a form, use a Form CONTAINER instead. When placed on an Overlay screen, it has the same feel as a form screen, but with the added benefit of allowing users to save their progress!

Sneak peek:

Full tutorial to come!


Only downside I found was that Form Containers dont allow containers to be nested inside, whereas a native form can have as many containers as you want.


Good point!

No way!!

I just suffered a heartbreak when I read your advice, I have a form with 52 questions :woozy_face:

Gracias por el aviso Robert!

Interesting. I’ve generally steered clear of a Form Container, because I found it a bit restrictive. But I wasn’t aware that it behaved in that way. Definitely makes it a great choice for certain use cases. :+1:

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