IP Arrange to connect to my database

I am setting up MySQL DB as the data source, but I need to open up the firewall to allow the connections.

Does anyone know what range of IP I need to open up ?


Won’t that depend on your source? What are you using?

E.g. Is it a local MySQL server? Cloud hosted? Something else?

Hi Andy,

My datasource will be in Digital Ocean. Glide needs to connect to my data base and hence I need to open up my firewall sitting in front of the DB to allow Glide to connect to my server.

I know the host IP I need Glide to connect to, but I need the IP-range Glide will be coming from.

It’s in the FAQ section of the MySQL docs.

Thanks this is great.

Surprised it’s only one IP address they are using as as source (assume a lot of anycasting/virtual stuff is going on in the back).


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