⚑ Inventory Management System: A Simple Solution to manage your Inventory πŸ“Š

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Today I am excited to share 2 Templates which are now available at Glide Template Store to manage your Inventory. The app could be of great use for SMEs to manage their inventory in a simple and efficient manner. Using this app users can add and edit items in an inventory. Also, can navigate the different items by Category etc. using the available views in the app.

The app is available in 2 versions, Basic and Advanced.

Some highlights of Basic App:

  • Add and Edit items in an Inventory using the Inventory tab.
  • Make Purchase or Sales using the app for an Inventory.
  • Dashboard to let the users see all the relevant information like Estimated Value of Inventory, Total Stock Quantity, Today’s Sales, Best Seller Products, Products need to be reordered etc.
  • Directory tab to reach out to Users.
  • Admin tab to make any required changes in the app.

Advanced App will have additional feature to add & maintain your Customer and Vendor Master as well. Users can track the Customer/Vendor Balances and track if the Payment has been done/received. Also can send payment reminders to their customers along with the number of days payment has been pending.

Admin will have access to do any changes in the application like adding new Users, Tax rates, Edit any Item etc.

The application has been kept quite simple and easy to customize as per user’s needs. Also infinite additions can be done in the application to suite user’s requirements.

Would love to know your feedback about the same. Thank you!


This is impressive.

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Looks very nice

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