Apologies for all the questions I’ve been asking, just learning the system. I have a few more questions, so I’ll leave them here to make things easier. For context, I’m working on an app designed for collectors (who collect anything really)

How can I create an inventory?
I want to create an inventory that allows users to upload items in their collections so they can keep track of what they have, write notes for their items, and have images and values ($) of their items. Keep in mind this wouldn’t be a stock keeping inventory, it would be more of a database that keeps track of users’ items. I want users to be able to have at least 100 items in their inventory at all time. This is difficult as the more the user uploads, the more the amount of rows will grow significantly. I’m looking for a way to be able to mass upload to one particular column without going over any limits. Is this achievable?

Message Chats and Profiles
How can I create personal public profiles for each user with badges and ratings/reviews? And how can I add an in-app user-user message function to each users profile?

Appreciate all the help :pray:

Well @Darren_Murphy might be able to present you with a JSON solution, but I imagine the process to add/edit/delete will be pretty cumbersome and that’s not the best data structure in the long run… If you can charge your users to use the app, that can cover your cost to upgrade to higher level plans, and allow you to have a better structure of data.

What exactly do you want each user to have? A public page that anyone can view and leave ratings/reviews?

Check out this template by @Robert_Petitto


My Our Forum template also has an example of badging. I should probably create a template JUST for leveling up and earning badges.

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hehe, yes. Manipulating a large JSON structure in Glide is a bit cumbersome, and not something I’d recommend as a general use case. I think the technique I’ve developed is good for a small subset of use cases, but definitely not a one size fits all.

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