Introducing SWOTIFY - Feedback please!

If you like SWOT analysis then you will :heartpulse: SWOTIFY.

SWOTIFY helps teams collaborate and create brilliant SWOT analyses.

Here is a teaser video:

And here is a demo video:

I would be very happy to receive feedback. Big thanks to Glide for the platform and to the many folks in this community that have helped me along the way!


Very, very cool :+1:

And now we know what the quadrant bubble chart was for :joy:


Awesome App Simon!


Great app @Simon_Hill well done!


Great job!! :clap:

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Wow, this is really nice and super useful! Well done!

You always have great apps and great demos! Congrats on another showcase post.

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Well thought out indeed! Excellent UI and intuitive. Only recommendation is to play with the quickchart padding to show the entire bubble in the chart…some of the charts are a bit cut off.

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Thanks Bob - appreciated. I agree with your point about the bubble charts. I would like to fix that but not sure how to. Is padding a parameter for quick charts? I will search their resources. I don’t really want to force the scale beyond 0-10.


Well done. Very useful.

I did have padding in my demo for you yesterday. It goes with “layout” I believe.

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Impressive, great work. Must be a very handy tools for companies brainstorming the future!