Introducing Condo Manager: A Comprehensive Solution for Residential Community Management

Hello community!
I’m here to present a new template application: Condo Manager!

I personally live in a condominium, there is also an application for management here. However, I see a lot of complaints and suggestions about ease of use and practicality.
It was seeking to address these points that I created this application with the Glide platform.
If you could comment on what you think, I would be very grateful!

Challenges I faced:

  • Define which access each type of user should have;
  • Keep only the essentials (it’s very easy to extrapolate and insert more comprehensive features than you actually need);
  • Above all, be useful (if it doesn’t solve a problem, there’s no reason to do it);
  • Maintain functional relationships (fields with ‘relation and lookup’ function).

I made a video showing most of the features and made it available on YouTube:

Link to template: Condo Manager | No Code App | Glide