Intercom Integration

Any Glide Experts here that have experience with the new Intercom Integration?

From my understanding, the integration doesn’t currently send any user data back to Intercom; it just shows the chat widget. This is great, but you lose a lot of functionality in Intercom if Intercom doesn’t know if a user is logged in. It will treat logged-in users as visitors currently, making targeted messages impossible.

Not sure if that’s just because the integration is still in beta, and functionality like that is on the roadmap?


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Will fix

where is the app id in my intercomm?

Waw Jason, that would be amazing. So the integration is expected to be able to push data back into Intercom? Will there be a way to control which data points exactly? Into customer user attributes for example? Let me know if I can help with anything or do any testing. This would change the game for us. Thanks!

Any luck with this?

Hey Jason, amazing ! Is it something you are planning to fix soon ?


It’s been more than 1 year. Is that not fixed?