Interaction between the Glide App and other applications on the phone

Hello everyone.

My question is not directly related to the Glide, but rather related to the interaction between the Glide App and other applications on the phone.

I’ve created an application that (in a nutshell) allows various users to take photos and save them to Google Drive for further processing.
The phone’s built-in camera is used for taking pictures (Image Picker used).
To ensure that all photos from all users were the same size (which does not depend on the user’s phone model), I installed a third-party photo app for everyone. At the first attempt to take a picture of an object, the system asks how the application should be used for a photo, remembers this choice, and then everything works fine.

I’ve noticed that the newer Samsung models don’t allow you to select a photo app. Built-in only.
This creates a huge inconvenience now. In fact, one of the main advantages of my application ceases to exist.

Does anyone have any idea how to get around this or get the Glide to use what I want?

Glide cannot interact with other local apps. In my opinion, to get around the problem, and eliminate the App you ask your users to install, you might think about processing the photos on the server side, after they have been uploaded to google drive, thanks to an API service that is able to do what you request.
I didn’t understand exactly how this photo must be processed, but there are many API services that work on images and they probably do what you need.

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This is a good idea! Not as simple as I would like, but it can be used.
I won’t rush. I’ll wait, maybe someone will remember an equally interesting alternative solution.

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I did some searching on this, but couldn’t come up with a definite answer. I came across some websites that mentioned that the default photo app can’t be changed on samsung. Other websites mentioned remapping the Bixby button to open a different camera app, but I assume that you are trying to trigger the other camera app from an image picker in a glide app. Other websites mentioned clearing the defaults on the camera app. That might be something to try. Go into the app settings for the default camera app and/or the new camera app and try to clear or set defaults. I hate how samsung butchers the android os and puts their own spin on it. They’re the apple of android. :wink:

But, as @Roldy mentioned, taking care of that on the back end would be better in the long run since the user’s wouldn’t have to change their habits. Probably a lot of work though to get something like that set up.

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Thanks for looking into this issue!
I should probably inform users that the use of Samsung phones is strictly prohibited

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Are you familiar with Cloudinary? As Roldy and Jeff are suggesting, maybe you could process the image with Cloudinary before it is saved to Google Drive? I have no idea if this possible with Cloudinary but it might be worth looking into.

Thanks @nathanaelb ! Interesting service. Never heard of him. I’ll mark myself in Trello to deal with this.