Integrate one app into another

Hello all,

Is it possible to completely integrate one app into another (not only some tables)? If yes, how does this work?

Thanks, Sabine

When you say integrate, do you mean embed one App inside another App, or something else?

@Darren_Murphy, i mean to import another App completely into another; with all functionalities.
I’d like to use an app of somebody else in my own app.

It’s possible, but only if both Apps are in the same team, and you have a Business or Enterprise subscription. The feature is called iFrame embedding.

Sorry, I meant to integrate it into glide structure (so there are then 10 tables more and additional layouts to be seen) for me to work on it further. I didn’t mean an iFrame embed. Sorry.

The closest you could get to that would be to use a shared data source.
However the layout in each App would be independent. That is, changes in one would have no effect on the other.


ok, thanks. i’ll then rebuild it.

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