Instructions for automatic payment via domestic banks:

Use (connect android or ios device) get SMS banking content and fill in google sheet then data is extracted and processed through amount and order code. I tried and succeeded

When the customer pays by bank transfer, SMS will notify the phone and we will take the SMS and put it on google sheet and then process the data.


Hey Phong, interesting.

Can you share more in how you achieved it?

PS: I guess to do it work the bank has to send a SMS, isn’t it?


Does the user have to install Integromat and give them your ID? That would be a deal breaker whether this works or not to scale.

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An interesting concept but I don’t think this would be allowed in most countries as it violates a lot of privacy policies and banking regulation policies…


I don’t manage their ID. I’m just guiding

Is a method to extract SMS to google sheet. So most do not violate any policy at all

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Exactly, get SMS banking automatically put on google sheet through settings Integromat

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Well Luther has a point because extracting SMS content is a highly sensitive thing to do. You may get hold of other things other than just banking data, and just banking data alone is already a big risk.


Yes, only integromat and we know.

I did so

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What’s the input for that Android module? How do you connect to the devices?

app integromat

If you want to notify me and the scenario lives in your account then how do you connect to my device?

you download the app [integromat]. It can get SMS, Push Notification…

you misunderstand me

When a customer buys a valuable order. When they pay by SMS, the format will be notified about the device of the money receiving the account. SMS will be put on google sheet, then separate data and automatically approve orders

The android/iOS modules are device specific. It’s not meant for app users—only the scenario owner.



just connect the owner device

Then yeah, it does not scale at all. I asked this at the start because I doubted it would scale. If it’s only for the scenario owner then it can only be used in personal apps.