Inspections app as basis - user bug

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Hello everyone,
I’m using the “inspections app” as the basis for mine and I noticed that when a new user with a different email (like Gmail) signs up, nothing happens as expected. Are there any restrictions on the app? Like just emails from the same corporation?

Another question: there are 5 statuses, but when I perform an inspection the statuses remain unchanged, is there an intelligent way to change the statuses (5) between them?
Thank you

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Olá @Silvio_Rebelo , entrei com meu email para ver seu aplicativo e me fascinou !! aquele design limpo, claro e objetivo. A verdade é que é uma beleza. Eu te parabenizo. Saudações da Argentina

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What is your expected behavior when a new user signs up? The email domain shouldn’t make a difference.

There’s several ways to have a status change. Can you explain a little more how you would like the status to change and the process to cause it to change?

Hello @Jeff_Hager,
Yes, the email domain shouldn`t make a difference, I understand it.

Actually, there is a strange behaviour about the columns
Clean ID and Inspected by - both aren`t retrieving the Unique Code and email, replacing them by something else.

The expected result should be after an inspection, some points credited to the cleaners and this is not happening, maybe these two columns are causing the error, but… How to fix it?
here some prints to illustrate.

About the status change, I think one choice button will do the work.

Thanks for your attention.

I imagine that somewhere in your app, you are setting the wrong columns with the wrong values. You may want to go through all of your settings to make sure everything is set correctly.

Yes, I see.
Actually the Inspected by column should bring an email address, seems like is correct settings there. Perhaps the author of the App can help?
@JackVaughan , any Chance to an " Inspections app rebuild" ?

@Silvio_Rebelo sorry for late reply - been on holiday. Sure! Really want to do more work-use-case tutorials in the NY.

I will also revisit this template and update.

Thank you Jack.