Inserting tab

When inserting a tab, does it have to have a source page? I just want a blank tab to work with but when i insert new one it always links source to one of my sheets that tab has nothing to do with.

Each tab/screen must have a source table, yes.
If it didn’t, then it wouldn’t have access to any data, so you wouldn’t be able to do much with it.

When you add a new tab, by default Glide will select the first Table as the source.
But you can change that.

It will also add a default set of components, making a best guess based on the data. But again, you can delete all those and add whatever you like.

Many times when you create a new tab, Glide will configure it as a List Layout. If you’re new with Glide, it’s easy to think that you are stuck at that point because you can’t add any components. But all you need to do is change the layout style to details, and then you can add/remove whatever components you want.