Inserting data into specific columns and rows

Hi all,
Basic question, but not easy to figure out, how do I insert data into specific columns and rows of a DB, let’s say a Glide DB.

Also, and maybe a separate question, how do I insert multiple data (say, comma separated) into a specific column and row?

Thanks in advance.

There are multiple ways to insert data into existing rows.

In Glide pages, you can allow users to enter data through a Data Grid component.

Otherwise, you’ll use any of the “entry” components on either an edit screen or on a detail’s screen filtered to that row. You can also write values to a column from another table using a set column action through a relation.

To insert multiple data, use a choice component set to allow multiple selections or a set column action of a multiple relation + joined list combo.

It really depends what you’re attempting to do and the user interface you’re providing.

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Thanks Robert, and I know I’m probably being a moron here, but let’s take the number entry component, I can see it allows me to choose the column, but it doesn’t allow me to choose a row. I need to be able to insert numbers into specific rows and columns. Seems like the number entry should allow me to do this, else which is the common component allowing this?

Thanks in advance.

Typically, you would present a list (inline list or collection) to the user. A list represents rows in a table. If you select an item in that list to view it’s details, then you are viewing that currently selected row and can edit the details in that specific row.

You set which columns is connected to a component. If your tab does not have a list, and you are only showing a detail screen, then usually that screen attaches to the first row, unless you set a filter. But, if you have a list, then you can select a specific row and view the details screen for that row.

As @Robert_Petitto said, if you explain your particular situation and what you are trying to accomplish, then we might be able to give better advice. Screenshots and/or Videos are extremely helpful for use to understand your app better.

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