Inline Lists - ONLY display unique items

I’m having users submit custom answers OR choose previously submitted answers to a sheet and rolling them up to see which answers are most popular.

example: Whats your postal code?

I want them to choose their postal code if it has already been entered into the form they are submitting to by showing an inline list of postal codes that match the numbers they have began typing in (and making an action add that postal code to the form when they tap it from the list) or enter it for the first time so that others can then choose it.

Say someone else already entered 12345. I start typing that in and it appears as a clickable option. I click it to submit it to the form. The next person types 123… and both of the “12345” entries appear.

Is there a way to prevent multiples from showing and only display 1 of each duplicate entry?

It would be a similar method to what I recently posted on another thread. There are a handful of other posts that mention this method too.

Basically you want to get a true value on the first occurrence of that zip code. Then you can filter by that true value.