Inline list filtered by choice = update?


I just asked a question about updates that was solved, but have a similar question to help me understand them better.

I have an inline list that is filtered by a choice column. Each time a user taps one of the choices, it will count as an update? The inline list doesn’t change, it’s just being filtered. The update is the user-specific cell being edited. Is this correct?

I’m trying to get users to switch to a pay-as-you-go plan so they don’t have to worry about updates but if the app can be optimised to reduce them then I think it’s worth doing.

The bot’s answer seems on point this time. I feel like I already knew the answer but wonder if this type of filtering, where the list isn’t actually being edited, should count as an update?

Yes, if data is being updated in a table, Including if you are just using it for a filter, then it will still count as an update because data is changing. That’s how it is now.

The topic of that has been talked about quite a bit. If you have thoughts, you can share them here.


Oh, it really was covered in depth in that thread. Thanks for the link, I did a search but it didn’t bring that up

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