Inline List, button is favorite, unable to change colour

Hi Guys

I am using Inline List as one of the pages, I want to use Favorite as the button . But at the moment Favorite button is not showing red colour, but white. If i check css, i am able to change to white by tinkering, however since while using Inline List you cant add rich text, css is not useful. Any Ideas to change the colour

So you want to change the border and filling color of the heart, right?

Just the filling colour of heart will do… if border also… it is a plus. I want this mainly when a particular item is favorited

Let me know if this works.

Inorder to use css, you need rich text to be added as an item right? While using Card view and Inline List, Rich text component is not able to be added

Yeah that’s correct, it’s only available on details view, with an inline list.

Any other ideas to change colour of the favorite button? I got a feedback the favorite visibility is very low…

No, you can only customize it with CSS (which is not officially supported), and you can only do it with a details view.

Is there a way to request to the Glide App Team to make favorites everwhere Red colour :sweat_smile:

Best to make a feature request here in this forum, but I’m not sure it would be consider priority.

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