Initialize form values depending on the Action


I was wondering if it was possible to initialize the values of a form depending on the action that opened that form.

For example, I have this Button Bar

Each one with the action to open a Form for another table

Attempt 1
However it seems that I won’t be able to initialize values from this screen

Attempt 2
My next atemp was to create a custom action but I wouldn’t know how to navigate to the row I just added

Any ideas?


I’m not sure what you mean by “initialize” here? Do you mean setting a default value? If so, you can enter it just under the “column” row in your screenshot, or point it to a column of your choice.

Seems like you’re using an add row action after the form is submitted. This will cause a duplicate since the form already adds a row for you.

So what is your use case for navigating to the row you just added, related to what you’re trying to do here?

@ThinhDinh thanks for the reply!

I was under the impression that if I initialize the value in that view, that initialized value was going to be consistant/the same through all my other actions that led to that form. However now I see that the initial value can be different in each action!

My second attempt was a workaround I was testing, but now I can discard it!


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