Individual screen edits for different product categories in the same sheet

Hi all,

I’ve read the other answers and don’t see this issue or a resolution: I run a marketplace app and I have an issue I’m trying to sort out. I need to change the screen details in a product category to send the user to an affiliate link instead of buy now/add to cart as with my other products.

existing products by category:

All products are in the same sheet and the purchase mechanism (add to cart/buy now) is fine for all the others but needs to change for this group.

  • I want to add a button with an affiliate link
  • Remove the existing buy now/add to cart buttons
  • Do this for this product category only.

I could do this via the Layout>details >independent screen confirguration but that will reset all my products in the category and I’d have to redo those individually… Hundreds of products. please (insert relevant deity here) No!!

change options:

Just this category needs to change:

I could also move the products in this category to a new sheet but I would have a navigation issue as my icons at the bottom are already fairly small and from a UI perspective, a category should be listed in with the rest.

Please help, i’m pulling my already very short hair out with this.


If just that one category needs to show different buttons, could you just set visibility conditions on the buttons, so the Buy button would show if the category is not 'Pvt Memorial Parks and the affiliate would show if the category is 'Pvt Memorial Parks.


Yeah, since you can not change an action on the buy button, that would be 2 buttons with different visibility conditions.


Thanks Jeff,

This makes sense and sounds like it’ll work. I’ll test today and feedback.


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Hi Thinh,

Thanks for this. I’ll test today and report back.


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