Incrementation of value


I have a problem, so if somebody has the solution it will be nice. I have a state variable which help me to know at what step of the onboarding is the user. This state variable will be incremented by a simple button each time the user complete a step. The problem is that when I put the button it appears, but when I change its function to increment number it disappears.

Hello Liam,

Ideas to troubleshoot:

  • Your button is on a details screen sourced to a table. Make sure the first row of this table has data.
  • It is possible that the first row has data but that the builder/display considers that row empty. You would see this in the “Layout” area, left hand side, lower left pane, “Data tab”. If it says “The table has no rows”, then this might be your issue. I believe this can happen for instance if you have a lookup column that returns something empty.
  • Is your button deleting the only/first row in your table. That might explain why the button disappears.
  • Are there any visibility conditions on your button that would happen to interfere with the custom action of your button? For example, the custom action of your button would set a value that would be used in the visibility conditions thus making your button disappear.

If Nathanael’s troubleshooting methods don’t work for you, please send over some screenshots or a Loom video so we can help you debug it.