Increment for List - Math icons

Only now I realized that its possible to apply Increment Action not only to buttons or Images but also for Lists. Seems very useful, because it understand which individual item I tap and increment only this item. But these “Math icons” ruined UI design((

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Agree, I faced this problem in some of my apps and had to add a blank field to hide it.

Can you please explain in details, how to remove these math icons?

I added a blank template column with the empty character from here:

Then add that blank template as a field in the list. Can you verify if it works for you?

Math icons appear due to Increment action of List. So even if I display in Title and Details fields of list only text, Math icons still remains. Also your method does not help as well(

No I mean you should add a completely blank template column in your data using the empty character, then probably used it as your details source value.

I did it. Doesnt work. Reason not in the displayed data but in Action - Increment!

The only way I could figure out how to do it is to use the List style layout instead of the Compact List style layout. Then make sure there is a column value in the Title, Details and Caption of the list. Is that what you were talking about @ThinhDinh? Adding an empty character column in the caption so the main image shifts to the right side and hides the math icon?

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Yes, I know that icons hide in a List Layout with Caption (even without template with empty symbols). But its need to be fixed by Glide team, otherwice compact list with increment became useless

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Ah yes, I did mean to say list because he was referring to list in the title but the screenshot was compact.

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