Increase / decrease quantity same row

Hi everyone,

I succeed to add an action to increase the quantity in my stock. Pressing the picture, it increase the stock by one. (see pic)

Is there a way to add two buttons (+ and -) on the same row?

I want to be able to modify the quantities easlisy…



You can use a custom collection instead, and add a button block with two buttons to the collection container.

Is it possible that I don’t have access to this being on a free plan?

It’s available on a free plan.


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From your screenshot, you built your app using Glide Classic Apps. If you are willing to move your app over to Glide Apps – the latest and most capable version of Glide – then you could do either of the following:

  • As @Jeff_Hager suggested, create a custom collection and include a button block component in the collection
  • Add multiple collection item actions (actions visible at the collection level)
  • Add a button block on the detail screen of each item (actions visible at the item level)


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