Included items do not appear in the app

Good Morning! I am having a problem with some items that I am putting in the application but when I test the app on the computer or on the phone the same item does not appear, in this case it would just be to show the result of a mathematical account, but this result is only appearing on the screen from the app developer and not to users.
this is the “developer screen”

and this is the screen for users where the same item does not appear.

What is disappearing is the “fator de conversão” and the “Potência total”.
no type of block was placed for certain users or something like that, I don’t know what could be causing this, but if anyone knows and can help from now on, I appreciate the attention.

Just to keep the content together:

As for your issue, I would check to make sure you have no visibility conditions on those last two components. Also check if the calculated values are showing in the data editor. Do you have row owners set on any of your data? Are you sure that you are viewing the same row of data in both the glide editor and the published app? Is it possible that you are viewing a different row? If a column value is empty, it usually will not display on the screen.


the two values it’s appearing in the data editor, the data in the published app has all the needed infos to show the values and there is no visibility condition or row owner in any of the two, all the things i see the user is able to see too, the “fator de conversão” it’s a constant number, it is just a number that need to be shown and the "Potência total " it’s just one math result that sum some numbers.

i tried to remake the whole page and i still having the same problem.