In Progress For Actions

We would like to have an in-progress that creates a stuck screen for the user not to do any actions or navigate to any other screen to ensure that the actions took place in the background

The reason this is critically needed is that many actions get lost because they didn’t complete or the user clicked on a button and quickly jumped on another screen and this results in failure and many actions failed from users

Which actions fail when navigating to another screen? That shouldn’t happen.

I reported this as a bug but unfortunately it was closed here please check the thread

Let’s say there is a button that is pressed by a user and then another button appeared as an example or I clicked on the back button after I clicked on a button that has action, the focus gets lost and the actions as well gets lost specially if I have a set column for a screen link as an example so only part of the actions gets done and the other part get lost in the wind

Does this also happen on Pages?

Yes sir it happened twice with me but I think it often happen with apps

Hmmm…what about having a custom action going into and out of this form. You could set a true/false value in the user profile and have all tabs filtered against that value.

  • So, you set a column - we’ll call it Hide_Tabs - in the user profile to true using the button going into the form screen.
  • Set visibility for all tabs to only show them if Hide_Tabs is false (better to use unchecked).
  • After they complete the form the action to submit changes the Hide_Tabs value back to unchecked.

Hey @Yasin_Hassanien,

Do you have a support link to a project where this happens? Also, a screen recording to show the issue?

Support Ticket is opened please check it

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