In-app notification badges and notification center

Is there any chance that glide could add in-app notification badges?

While the addition of push notifications is excellent, the real problem might be the need for in-app notifications.

Use case:

  • I have a page that needs approvals based on a form submission. Currently, only one person is approving those requests.
  • If that person is working in the app, there is no in-app ability to show them that there are records that require their attention.
  • You would want the notification badges to be located on a tab that requires the action and also on his user profile icon in the top right corner. When they select the icon, a list of items they are linked to would appear as hyperlinks to the tab / record detail of where the change needs to occur.

(In reality, the Notification Center might even match the functionality of collections - where Actions could be included to see details, jump to tab, hyperlinks, edit, create buttons, etc.)

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