In-App Filtering and Group by DATE Bugs

Please help us to fix the Date Filter Asap

Can you elaborate? What exactly is the problem?

When we filter the date it’s showing only 1 item since last night. Before when we we filter it’s showing all the items which belongs to a specific date.

Eg: from filter option when we filter by 10th Jan it will show everything in a item list. But now it’s not showing

Can Somebody Please Help me on this as soon as possible

Any screenshots of your filter settings and some of the data you are filtering that you can share?

Again the Filter for the data is not functioning properly. While filtering the date it’s showing only 1 item from a inline list.

@Jeff_Hager @David Please give an alternative

Help us to help you, please.


Here is a screenshot. Please let me know if you need more screenshots. Thank You

Check the underlying values. If they are a date/time stamp, then you’ll probably find that they are all different once the time component is taken into account. What you see in the list is just a formatted display value.

To get the filtering to work as you expect, you’ll probably need to create another column that just includes the date component of the full timestamp, using some date math.


A template column can be used to “lock in” the formating of a date column, which would provide a consistent date that doesn’t have the underlying time to a screw things up.