In Action, can we add a new row in parent sheet, get the id of the newly inserted data and insert that into a new child sheet?

Have a look here:

I need to insert row into Event and later several rows into Event Menu Umum … is this possible?

The child sheet should get the parent row id here

sekali klik nambah 2 row di sheet yang berbeda?

yes. English please :smiley:
If only adding several rows, that’s fine. But if I want to capture row id from another newly inserted row… that will be … no idea how

you can, just try it.

but the data entered is not dynamic data, but data that has been inputted in the action settings.

let me know if my statement is wrong

that’s the problem. It need to be dynamic: newly inserted data

You could first create a unique ID into a user specific column, insert that ID into the new row of your parent sheet, then have a relation looking for that ID and retrieve the Row ID through a lookup.

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