Improved native edit form capabilities

The time limit set for the native edit form only applies to accessing the pencil button instead of completing the form with the Submit (Done) button, besides other problems such as computed columns.
I know that alternatively, I can use a custom form. But in some cases, I don’t like custom forms because sometimes I have to build a lot of new columns for one purpose. More columns go hand in hand with the slower application. I was once nauseous when an error occurred due to a connection with a spreadsheet so I had to go through all the initial processes and was forgotten.
Would you agree with me that Glide could upgrade the “edit form” (I’m not talking about adding new form) functionality as many complained about in this forum thread that need not be mentioned one by one?

Can you explain what time limit are you talking about here?

Hi @ThinhDinh, thanks for the response.
In the case of giving a deadline condition for “Allow users to edit” it doesn’t take effect until the submit button or there is no option setting conditions for the submit button. The collection of tasks is not on time, because the user can buy time by opening the edit screen until the deadline exceeds the predetermined, such as blocking a door.

What do you think, @ThinhDinh?

I’m not sure I get what you’re saying here. Do you mean you have a “deadline logic” for the edit button?

Yes like the following

It’s a shame if this good native edit isn’t developed.

What if you add a required entry component with a visibility condition that will show the component only if the deadline has passed…but hide it with CSS so it’s never visible to the user.

So the glide visibility will hide or show the required component to control the submit button since it’s a required field, but the CSS will still override the visibility and alway make it hidden so the user can’t touch it. It would just be linked to an extra column that’s not used for anything.

As a bonus, if a user found a way to disable the CSS and fill the entry component, you could still invalidate the the row because the extra column would not longer be empty.

A bit of a workaround, but I hope that makes sense.

You’re so smart, @Jeff_Hager , to think of a workaround.
This idea is worth trying if there’s no other way, although it’s not what it should be.
Tonight I’m not feeling well. Hopefully tomorrow I can recover soon to try it.
Previously I wanted to know, can the deadline condition work in the edit screen? As far as I know, computed component doesn’t work, is time excluded?

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Yeah, the problem is that your current deadline condition is on the edit form button, not the edit form itself. Like you said, once a user is inside the edit form, then they can buy time and go past the deadline.

Right now the only thing that controls the submit button inside a form is if a required entry component is empty or not. There is no other way to apply conditions to the submit button.

I’m assuming that your deadline time is in a column in the row you are editing? If so, I would think that you should be able to access it for a visibility condition on the dummy component that compares to NOW. You are correct about computed columns not working in the form, but it’s just a visibility condition, so there shouldn’t be anything to compute. Just compare the static deadline time to the Now time.

I’m kind of curious about this myself. If I have time tonight, I might throw together an example.

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An alternative to this is to have a CSS snippet like this.


[data-test="nav-button-Done"] {
opacity: 0.4;
pointer-events: none;

Then show it only when deadline is before NOW, I think.


Really appreciate your point of view.
I just tried Thinh Dinh’s suggestion and it works. This shows time can work well on the edit screen and logically your method should work too. Although I haven’t tried it yet, because my body isn’t fit yet.
And there is still another problem, namely the simulation of the end date calculation if the user fills in the duration in the USC column also does not work. If the computed column and the usc work in the user’s gadget, this function should be enabled in the edit screen except for basic data. Maybe I’m too naive to think that edit forms should have more flexibility in processing data than new forms. I will discuss it with you another time.
Thank you, Jeff.

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Thank you also, Thinh Dinh.
For my needs, your method is quite simple and feasible to use.
I wrongly guessed that time still works in the edit screen.

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