Importing issue BIG Table

Interesting development, this is the third day that I am raising this issue. Import to a big table does not work or stoped after 99000 records.

So far I can not confirm a limit of 10 Mio records for a BIG table nor the ability willingness from Glide to provide priority support …until now they only informed me that the issue is being escalated or that other people are taking care of it ???

Meanwhile I am being advised not to post here…

So I need to ask, where am I, as a paying customer allowed to raise this issue…and when do we get the service or attention that we are entitled to…

You’ve created several threads for the same issue. This breaks up the conversation and causes confusion because it makes it harder to track. We are not saying that you shouldn’t post in the forum. Just keep the conversation to a single thread so it’s easier to follow. Anybody who is regularly active in the forum is already reading every single post, so posting multiple times doesn’t help with visibility. It just makes it harder to track an issue and track the conversation.

It also should be noted that most participants in the forum are fellow users. Many of us are not Glide employees and don’t have access to the internal side of Glide. This a community forum of fellow users helping each other. We can help with conceptual ideas, but have no resources to help with technical issues. At most we can escalate to make the Glide team aware of a technical issue that needs to be looked at. In your case, that has been done already.

The only way to directly contact Glide Support is through the intercom chat. Now, I have no idea why it was mentioned that someone else from Glide was already helping with your issue, but I can only assume that it stems from the multiple repeated posts, of which one or more have been escalated.

I think the whole issue has become chaotic because it didn’t start and remain in a single conversational thread. It’s honestly a little frustrating to switch between multiple threads to follow along. As a fellow user, that is my best assumption of what’s happening.

Like I said. This is a community forum of fellow users. There’s not a whole lot we can do as users for technical issues. I recommend trying again through the chat, and if you want to post in the forum, just stick to the single thread that has been escalated already. Don’t keep creating new threads because it doesn’t help your case.

I can assure you that Glide is aware of your issue. It’s probably not a simple issue and if they need more information, I’m sure they will reach out to you.


Thanks for the assist, @Jeff_Hager. Much appreciated.

@Ganymed—Along with the three community threads, an email to started a fourth conversation with support, and reaching out to support via the Chat Messenger started a fifth conversation. This absolutely impacts support’s ability to handle your issue efficiently.

Regarding your particular issue, please reply to one of the two support threads you started and provide as much detail about the CSV file as you can. How many rows does it have? How many columns? What is the size of the file in bytes? Did you look at the row it’s stopping on? Is there anything unique about that row?

Until support can investigate this further, you may want to try converting your data to an ODS file. This may provide a different experience.

Now that this issue has been escalated to support, we’ll continue this conversation through Intercom.

One last thing. It helps support when users use the same email address in the community that they use for the Glide service. Otherwise, we’re doing a bunch of extra work to figure out who a user is when their email addresses don’t match up. Thanks in advance!


Hi Marcel, thanks for chiming in here. Can you confirm what hours do support team work as a point of reference for me to tell the forum in the future? Thank you.

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Dear all,

Appreciate very much that you have taken the time to pitch in and advise. Again Thanks for trying to help.

First let me give you some background. We are using Glide since 2021. Our operation involves a simple task of consolidating 10 subsidiaries from DE,US to CN. We are involved with several thousand customers and about 10,000 products.

Glide is a fantastic product, perfectly positioned to address our needs. Over the years we have tried to move bits and pieces from an ERP environment to Glide, with great success and also satisfaction. Our interface to Glide using Excel files or Google Sheets was tested hundreds if not thousand times.

Since we have the ability to use BIG TABLES with a publicized limit of 10M records we have made the decision to try it out. No new format nothing special just 130,000 records.

After several tests, we can confirm that there is no problem with the format or anything else for that matter as long as the record count stays under 100,000

We split the master file into smaller chunks tried different sequences. All worked well until 100,000, the size of the imported excel file did not matter.

Finally few bits of advice:

a) Should you be attempting to address customers issues with AI and a ChatBot - try to consider the customers/user experience

b) If this is a Community Forum for Glide do not close a thread because an issue was escalated to Glide, let the Forum participants decide when to close it, it might be actually cool to get satisfaction feedback

c) Please, whoever is reading this, review what you mean by priority support and maybe in which timezones. Sitting in a CET this does not feel “priority"

d) Reading some of the comments a question about the corporate identity/culture of Glide comes up. Between the lines I sense an attempt to split the responsibility…but maybe its just a subjective impression :sunglasses:

And a final thought - there is quite some text here about confusion and separate emails in response to an issue, I do appreciate the comments, maybe Glide support can help to address this issue - how about they would start using and sharing with customers support tickets. Maybe this would have allowed us to focus more on the technical issue that we seem to have.
Hope this helps.

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For a response on this, I closed a thread because you posted duplicated threads, not because the issue was escalated to Glide. As long as a single thread is posted, I don’t think it would be closed by any of us. Just trying to keep the issue discussion under only one thread.

As a fellow user, I really do want your problem solved. We know the process can be better, and @NoCodeAndy, @Marcel_at_Glide and his team are trying their best to do that. They appreciate any feedback, and will keep trying to make the process easier for you in the future.


A quick follow-up to this topic. The user is currently on a legacy plan, which limits high-scale data sources to 100,000 rows.

Glide Big Tables is working just fine. :+1:


Hi @ThinhDinh ,
Thanks for helping out with community moderation! Regarding the support hours question…

Our official support hours are 9am-6pm ET Monday-Friday. However, team members are often available for additional support outside these hours.


My current plan is:

and based on what your web says:

There should not be a 100K limitation. The way I see it we are paying exactly what is advertised…so we should be entitled to what is being promised…

You are on Legacy Business Plan that offers 100,000 rows high-scale data source rows only.

The new Business Plan that you currently see on is for $249 per month billed yearly and $310 per month if billed monthly. The new Business Plan offers 10M rows.. You are on the Legacy Business Plan.

I am attaching the screenshot and link to Legacy Pricing Details:



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