Importing Data into Glide Tables issue Row ID - Leading Space in fields

I’ve imported data into Glide Tables but the import broke probably due to leading spaces. It treats most cells with no issues but then it breaks at a cell and continues writing into that cell instead of the next column.
is there any way in Google Sheets to clear leading white spaces other than trimming the entire cell space?

the cell data looks like this with an empty line at the top and at the bottom

:motor_scooter: FAST PICKUP Rayan Bakeries
:date: 26/03/2023, 10:27 - Hussain

:package: SORTED FAST
:date: 3/26/2023, 12:20 PM - Bader

Whats worse is if I delete this data which I did in order to import a fixed csv… I can no longer import the RowID as it seems Glide recognizes the RowID and blocks the import of that row… although its been deleted from my end.
I guess there is no fix to this but to completely create a new table?

So you don’t want to do a full trim on, let’s say, only this column?

No, but its fine I’ve added a text at beginning & text at end.

I just found out a new issue though, import csv is skipping entire rows !
and i didn’t import many, only 300 rows.

I’m not sure I understand the fix. Also, I’m not sure why leading spaces should be the cause. If you can go into further details so people who come in later can debug themselves that would be great.

i can’t fully understand whats happening… seems like Glide Import is having some issues. I’m surprised not many have mentioned this. Have you tried it? and when you did, did you take a row count to confirm all the rows were imported correctly?

Sorry, I don’t have a use case with this recently. If you believe there is a persistent bug, please get support from within Glide while the app is open by selecting the “?” button at the bottom right. That will bring you to a support page, which currently has an “Open Support Ticket” link.

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I have already. They have recognized the issue and are looking into it.

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