Images Link to Different Sheet Tabs

I would like some help, if possible. I am creating a Sound Bingo App for the PreK teachers we serve. I would like a Home page of Sound Libraries where each image would open the corresponding library (a different tab in the Google Sheet). I currently have the sound libraries working but I cannot figure out how to make the Home page images take the user to the correct page.
This is the app so far.
Sound Bingo Glide App

Here is the spreadsheet.

I know dangerously next to nothing about making Sheets do anything outside of what you see here. :thinking:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
God bless,

Honestly, I would consider joining all of your sound tables into one table, with an additional column for the library name. In the end you should have two tables. One for Libraries and one for Sounds.

With that setup, you can create a relation in the that Library table that links the library name to the library name in the Sounds table.

Finally, when viewing the details screen for each library, you can add a list/collection that uses the relation as it’s source.


Thank you for your help!

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