Image validation before insert

Hi anyone worked on a project where there is a image recognition that would check if new image is same from what’s in the db and prevents insert or prompts duplication? This project will be used for screening however some users have different ID, can change name if (fraud) so we opted for image verification too

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This is tricky, I’m not sure how it will work but my theory is you will have to find an API to extract the image information from the uploaded image, then cast that to the current images table and derive a matching percentage.

If that sounds too hard to do then maybe we can try EXIFs, but it’s also not straightforward.

Thank you for the recommendations. I want to ask further, will this work if image were shot different day (makeup or without makeup, etc. ). The project will use a smart phone to capture image within Glide.

That will be hard to achieve but first step, of all things, is to find an API that would do the image “reading” for you, then explore its capabilities (and cost!) from there. Sorry that I don’t have much info about that part.

@Byron_Louise_Hudkin I think you could use the paid service from cloudinary which can extract EXIF info. Use web hook to get data into integromatand get integromat to get data from cloudinary. Use integromat to get data into google sheets
I think @Mark_Turrell has done something like that