Image Receipt Reading with Glide A.I

The operation should work as follows:
The user presses the NEW Operation button, a form opens with an image picker, and once the image is loaded, the A.I.'s reading is displayed. This works well, but the problem I have is that since I haven’t pressed the submit button in the new operation form, it shows the reading of the previous receipt, the one from the previous record. However, within the table, the reading has been correct.

My question is, how can I make the A.I. reading of the current record be displayed in the new entry form before pressing the Submit button?

I have receipt reading in my app. I had to use a custom form, not a native form, where I have a working table and then an Add Row action to my receipts table. This way, your Glide AI column can read the Image column in real time. Native forms and Glide AI can only work together after submission, not before.

Something else you could consider is a working table just for your receipt and Glide AI. Then build a Native Form that uses the Glide AI results to maybe populate other things within your form.

Unless you use a custom collection :wink:

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Oh nice, I’ll check that out. Just when I just finished my custom form… :rofl:

Dont have the new plan for those unlimited Glide table updates

Apologies, but I don’t understand any of the examples that have been shown. The issue is that the user has to press “submit” after uploading the image, and what I need is that immediately after uploading the image, the A.I.'s reading is displayed so that the user can confirm or modify the data interpreted by the A.I.

I think the issue here is that you can’t have an “on-upload” action for the image picker so that you can set the AI values to editable text entries.

You might still be able to utilize Robert’s method, having a custom collection to upload your image, show the AI results to the user, and have a “modify” button that will set those computed values to editable text entries on that same row.

Add if-then-else columns on that same row, if the edited version is not empty then use it, else use the original AI value. Submit that with your native form.

So the steps to follow would be:

  1. Create a form to upload the image.
  2. The user presses “Submit” to save the image.
  3. The A.I. reads and interprets the image.
  4. Take the user to another form where they can view the information that has been uploaded to confirm or edit.

I was referring to what Robert did here, so the steps would look like:

1/Creating a helper table with a single row, adding user-specific columns for storing the image and the “editable” AI value, and one computed column for your AI operation.

2/In your native form, add a custom collection and point it to the row above, follow Robert’s suggestion. Add other components as needed.

If you don’t need any other info apart from the image and its AI value, just follow the normal procedures of creating a custom form.


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