Image - Link to Screen

Any images I have in my app that link to a screen when I click “Back” from that linked screen, it takes me to the same linked screen. I have to click “Back” again to get me to the original screen. Anyone else getting this bug?


I have this bug since this mornig and i don’t know why and how to fix it
Please help us !!!

I looked at someone else’s app that uses a lot of images to link to screen and can confirm the double back button is required to get back to the previous screen.

We’re looking into it.

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I don’t understand why this bug came suddenly today because my app contains a lot of images to link to screen for several days and it worked very well ?
I hope you’ll be able to fix this problem for my user’s app
Kind regards

Glide updates independently of your app with bug fixes, performance improvements, security updates, new features, and design refinements. Occasionally these nice new things introduce quirks like this accidentally. This will be fixed shortly.