Image component - label

I am using image component to display a multi-image column

  1. I want to create/show a label (description to what these images are) Is that possible without using a separate Text Component

  2. Also what does the Alt Text option do, I am playing around with it but nothing seems to happen

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Alt Text is what you see when you hover over an image on the web or is displayed when the image is unavailable. It’s used to provide a description of the image and in many cases is used by screen readers for the visually impaired. All it does is add an alt attribute to the image HTML tag.


Thank Himaladin,

You are our resident/community CSS expert. I am sure you are extending the features/functionality of Glide in your apps.

I will invest my time/research into deciphering the thread.

Thanks and greatly appreciated.

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wow… how is that done ? In CSS ?

This is not done with CSS, but with JavaScript, except for hover and styling the text.

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