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I have a question…
What is the point of the “Alt text” in the image component?
No matter what I try, I can’t seem to get any text to show on any of the images. I thought it was meant to “Caption” or insert the label on images. Is there any way to label the images from the multi images components?

Anyone that can direct me to documentation for the comments component. I am battling to set it up or is there any of Bob’s tutorials that I might have missed on how to set this up? @Robert_Petitto

Alt Text is meant for the visually impaired so screen readers can audibly read the alt text which should describe the image. Also I believe in some cases the alt text will display when you hover your mouse over an image. It’s not meant as a caption or overlay on top of an image. It’s more of a behind the scenes type of thing.

Alt Text: Why It's Important For Accessibility & SEO - Moz.


Aaahh…it makes sense. Thanks @Jeff_Hager…much appreciated.

Any chance you might be able to assist with my second question regarding the comments component?

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By request, my next tutorial is going to be over the comments/chat component. Stay tuned. I’ll probably record it this weekend and publish it next week.


Can you tell us what you’re struggling with?

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I look forward to it and that would be much appreciated. :pray:

I have a table with service requests from clients. Each service request has a unique number (client generated not RowID). These service requests have progression stages that are recorded.
I was actually battling around linking comment to a service request such that a client can query the progress of the service request using the comment component.
When I tried to set it up, all the comments for all service requests were displayed and I also could not get the correct profile picture displayed.

Can you show me how you’re configuring your comments component? Are you writing the info to the right columns on the backend?

I think I finally figured it out @ThinhDinh. I was actually not setting things up nicely on the back end.
Here is where I was battling.
On the layout side of things, I was a bit confused about the “display data” section and the “save data” section. The more columns I added to the back end, it started to make sense and also realizing that some of the values will be assigned with the “on submit” action e.g. Timestamp and the User profile information. I battled with the “Author name” and photo because I could not access the user profile table but I then realized that this I will access using the “on submit” action.
I also needed to add the comment ID column and then filter the displayed messages in accordance with the screen RowID.
Thanks for availing yourself to assist. Its much appreciated :pray:

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Yeah, think of “Display data” as the configuration after the comment has been made.

“Save data” as the “special value” section of the form that submit the comments.

Can you explain why? You can add the rowID of the user who submitted the comment, and use relation - lookup to get the name and image.


At the moment this is how i have things set up at the back. The author information i get using "on submit"action. Not sure if this is the proper way and also not sure if i wont run into issues later on because before the comment has been submitted, it is not attributed to a particular user from what i can deduce from my set up.
Do you foresee any issues with this type of set up because for me it seems to use less columns than the alternative (I think)…

You don’t need to do all that. Just have an Author/Row ID column, submit the rowID of the user.

Then use a relation back to the user profiles table, and lookup the name, photo and email.

Those display data columns don’t have to be basic columns, they can be computed columns.

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