Image Carousel with Captions or Descriptions

Is it possible to have an Image Carousel displayed with separate captions or descriptions per image?

In my mind, it would be set up on the spreadsheet as a second set of columns (e.g. Image 1, Image 2, and Caption 1, Caption 2).


No but you could use a bunch of different software to put captions on the images outside of the Glide system.

You could maybe use the horizontal tiles layout with no action set. That lets you overlay text. You would have to use a relation to a sheet with all the pictures and text in rows instead of columns.


this is a nice hack, @Jeff_Hager.

:wave:@david when will the team bring image caption to Glide??
Found several feature requests…

note: I made a separate tab for all images, (which is not ideal!), filter visibility on separate group, so I can use Title and Detail for caption.
sample app.

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