If - then - else column to be row owner

To have the possibility for the column if-then-else to be a row owner.

I have the situation that based on some values I add in this type of column the role automatically but if I can’t put it as row owner I have to do it manually.


This is not possible at this point in time. The reason is that computed columns (including if-then-else columns) are calculated on the users device, after all data has been downloaded. So at that stage, it is too late to apply Row Owners.

I am aware that Glide are working to move to server side computations, with data only loaded as required. If/when this becomes a reality, then computed columns as Row Owners might become a possibility.

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I would love to see that implemented. Thanks for the info.

I assume that when this happens, the MakeArray column will also be able to be used as a Row Owner. That would be fantastic!

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May be if this will implemented then the cost of Glide service will double and may be more

hey, please don’t take what I said there as gospel. When I said “might”, all I meant was that in theory it would be possible :slight_smile: I’ve not seen anything from Glide to indicate that they actually plan to do it.

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