If I upload a video with the File Picker, can I play it with the Video Component?

Hi there, question about the new filepicker option. Say, I made a video and uploaded it with the filepicker, would it become viewable? Say, I made audio and uploaded it with the filepicker, would it become listenable?

I assume that it would be the case. They would most likely be stored in the Firebase data stores as blob files. So yes to both your questions. That would be the whole point of allowing PRO users to upload those kinds of files and be able to use them in the app. I would wait for the official answer from the Glide team but that seems to be the idea of allowing it. Kind of like how in the free version you can upload pictures and they display in the app.

It seems to be the idea and it would be logical, but … :wink: You never know, that’s why I ask the question specific :wink:

The main point of the File Picker is to attach documents in your app, for business use cases. It’s not intended for audio and video capture per se.

We would love to do an Audio Picker/Recorder and Video Capture at some point.

Also, you can play with this feature for free—you can try the component and find out for yourself right now :sunglasses:

My business is audio and video;-)

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I uploaded an audio file via this new component and it plays fine. I didn’t try a video but that was because I couldn’t find one under the 10 meg limit. So unless they increase that 10 meg limit you would have to use some other mechanism to upload files someplace, like Google, MS or Amazon cloud options, and then put the file links into your app. It could be done now by launching a mobile looking webpage from within Glide, passing in some links from Glide, and then uploading files to the storage platform of choice. Of course there would be storage and file transfer fees from those services.


Thanks, George! I now use the Dropbox route where I have to change the url. I want to make an app in which other people will be able to add audio. Then my workflow isn’t the way to go. It needs to be done on the mobile. Good to hear it works with the file picker.

Hey David, is this feature (audio picker) still in the roadmap? :slight_smile:

@Francois1 you can use File Picker

File Picker can upload files, storing them as URLs in your sheet.

This is perfect for uploading documents (e.g. Audio, PDFs, Word Documents).

There is a 10MB size limit per file.

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Yes I tried the File Picker, but I want to upload Voice memo for example. It seems I can’t have access to voice memos with File Picker…

yeah, agreed. would be awesome tho… add in our Feature Request app :smiley:


Yes, just did ‘‘record audio’’ 3 votes :upside_down_face:

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Perfect! Maybe Jarvas can integrate with glide to help us lol