I'd like my background color set to black. Is CSS required?

Hi, all!
Just an easy one to begin with. Not sure there’s exactly the same topic already. Except if CSS is the 1-4-All answer?

Here’s my current color theme. I’d like the background to be black and not grey. To melt the content to the top & bottom menu. I need to keep the other text/icon colors (don’t want the B & W + blue default theme)
I saw @Robert_Petitto using a color picker plugin in one of his videos, BTW, (but can’t remember which video!)

Thks for your time!

Yeah…the dark theme gives you black headers and a dark grey background. If you want pure black all the way through, you probably need to use CSS.

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Thks, Robert.
And where can I find your great color picker plugin, pls ?

Google chrome > search colorzilla extension



On the topic of extensions, I recall seeing in one of your videos what looked like some sort of emoji picker extension - mind sharing the name of that one as well?

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Thks. Color Picker extensions exist for MS Edge as well. I’ll just take my pick.

Joy pixel emoji extensión I believe.


Since we’re on @Robert_Petitto secret tips, what solution would you recommend to do video presentation of our apps?

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Ha! On a Mac, I use Screenflow for my tutorials…otherwise, if you’re doing an app promo and want something professional looking, Premiere with After Effects is your best bet if you’re willing to put in the time to learn it. I believe this is what @JackVaughan uses for his videos.