I want to upgrade my app but we don't have stripe in philippines

Is there a way for me to upgrade my app in glide other than stripe?

Upgrade? You don’t need stripe to upgrade an app.
Or do you mean you want to accept payments via your app?

I want to upgrade to pro app and when I do a stripe form pops out

Yes, but you don’t need a stripe account. All you need is a credit card.

I guess this is applicable only to the USA, any suggestion?

This is a credit card form. You do not need a Stripe account.

Please bare with me. I can’t select philippines from here and returns error when I try to complete all the details.

Your country code is PH.


Estate input box is required and I tried writing one. I tried PH, PR but to no avail an error always returns. I really appreciate your suggestions.

RP was deprecated several years ago, in favour of PH.

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This has been already solved!
The “State” is equal to the province here in the philippines.