I tried to create autocomplete address with geoapify.com api, there was a problem in fetch json, please help me Robert Petitto

i tried to create autocomplete address with geoapify.com api, there was a problem in fetch json. please Does anyone want to help me fix this problem?

I have followed Robert Petitto YouTube tutorial

This error means that the endpoint is incorrect OR that geoapify changed something on their end and now Glide is preventing the API from being called from within a Fetch JSON column (due to CORS).

extraordinary thank you to receive an answer from you, I always follow your YouTube

Is there another solution, sir?

My demo app is still working…so geoapify still works in Glide. Check the endpoint:

big thank you, I’ve found the problem host and protocol writing is carried over

  • Protocol: https
  • Host: api.geoapify.com
  • Path: v1/geocode/autocomplete

new problems
{“statusCode”:401,“error”:“Unauthorized”,“message”:“Invalid apiKey”}

Make sure you have a valid API Key from Geoapify

I checked by Best JSON Viewer and JSON Beautifier Online , and there are:
statusCode : 401
error : Unauthorized
message : Invalid apiKey
(( But the apiKey is correct.
I made another account & apiKey at Geoapify, but it was not helps.
What’s wrong?

Image redacted. Contains API key which should not be shared with the world.

Your API key is just the key. Not the entire URL. It’s failing because the API key contains more than just the key.

PS, I removed your image because you were sharing your API key with everyone.

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thank you for closing my api key :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

I have corrected the key, but the error still remains, why?

I guess my only suggestion is to double check your API key and make sure it’s correct. If I use the same url without an API key, I get the same error, so that suggests that your API key is not valid.

If I recall before deleting your image, I think the key you were using was all numbers, which didn’t look right to me, but I don’t know. Usually I would expect an API key to be a mix of both numbers and letters. All depends on the API provider though.

that’s right my key is letters and numbers

i have found the problem, problem with the arrangement of capital letters in QUERY PARAMETERS, the correct one is apiKey ( letter K kapital)

thanks my brotherr


Hi Robert, what do you mean by CORS? It seems that Glide is blocking the Google Map API (Autocomplete).