I spy a floating button in staging 👀

Same! I was for staging all morning, and they shipped this in the afternoon!

Floating action button is going to look good with this reversed-card layout! #css


It will be a thing of beauty.

Beauty aside - I am hoping to use as a admin button on an app, so only admins see it and once selected it takes them to an admin area where they can ‘administer’ stuff. Not played with it yet so not sure whether this is possible.


Such a good idea!


I often have ideas (some good, some not) but cannot always implement natively within glide but this I am hoping will be a winner.

Each app ‘role’ will see certain buttons which will provide them with specific abilities and access to the areas of the app. Fingers crossed I can get this to work. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve really gotten accustomed to my semi-transparent blurred backdrop floating buttons. I’d love to see that as native option to make it a little easier to see items behind the floating buttons. But I am excited to have access to all of the icons instead of being tied to emojis.


The floating button is perfect for annoying your users to sign up! It’ll cover the thing they’re seeing, and that will annoy them, which will make them sign up!

Aren’t I a genius :stuck_out_tongue:

Now we just have to wait for floating images and floating text…

Lol yes! But be careful about ux design and user experience, not being annoying to use your app


I’m so stoked for this Component!

But like @Lucas_Pires mentioned - UX design and experience is very important - and this button is definitely a positive addition for Gliders looking to build some amazing apps!

It has (like the current Button) so many possibilities to enhance Glide apps, but in a more user AND design-friendly way. Paired with Conditional Visibility and ITE’s there could be some pretty cool apps built! I already see the gears in some peoples heads turning (and grinding thinking about how much stuff they’ll want to re-design haha).

Any chance the Glide gods (@david, @Mark) could bestow upon us a possible release date for such an amazing Components update? :pray: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

(If not, no worries - because we all know it’s worth the wait!)

This, and the new potential of an eventual Glide API, is the definition of “Christmas came early!”. :nerd_face: :christmas_tree:


I’m hoping it’s this week because it would fit in perfectly in an app I’m building for a client. My deadline for this app is end of week / beginning of next week. I imagine it won’t be long!


Ahh I really wanna use this component but I already have a form for another add button, and I will lose all the layout the form has. There’s no way to export the layout of a form to another form, is there? :sob:

You shouldn’t lose the layout. You are just changing the button style. Not creating a new button.

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I think I would. I had a floating button in the form of rich text, and now adding another component will make me remake the entire form again… Right?

The thing is, I am creating a new button.

The CSS form button we have done before is still acting on a regular button. Once this update is released, you should be able to remove the rich text with the CSS, which will change the old CSS floating button to a regular button. Then change the style of that button to the new floating style. It’s no different than changing the background color on buttons from semi opaque to clear.


Here’s a great article on floating button UX best practices:



I can’t wait to work on it, way easier!

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Ah, great idea!

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Ohh… Is it not possible to stack floating buttons horizontally? :neutral_face: :pensive:

Just saw Floating button is in my production environment… seems to be good to go!