I need help on this :(

In an app that I am making, when I upload a post, this is only saved in spreadsheets but it does not go to the glide database, I have asked glide for help, but I am new and I do not understand anything, what do I do?

(the problem is not because I did not refresh the page)

I have already solved it :slight_smile: I made a copy of the app and that if it worked

Your spreadsheet is your glide database. Click refresh and see if it shows up. Also make sure you have headers on your rows in sheets

Just to clarify, whenever you make edits in your Google Sheet, you usually need to click the ‘Reload Sheet’ option in the sidebar. The button directly below ‘edit sheet’.

Also, welcome to Glide!!

I don’t get the “refresh” and I do have headers: c

It does not appear to me, and equally as much as I reload the page, they are not put in the database either

Do you have a video of the bug in action?