I need a CSR code to assign SSL to custom domain

Hi. I’m trying to really quickly set up my app’s custom domain. Followed the instructions and seems to have worked. Although the broswer isn’t happy as it’s not secure. So I went and purchased an SSL with my domain provider but now to assign it they need a CSR code from Glide Apps.

Can anyone help me locate that?


We assign the SSL for you, please just follow the instructions as they are and your certificate will issue within about a half hour of validating your domain.

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Yeeeeeeaaaahhhh… I jumped the gun with a panic and bought the SSL form my domain provider. Then while I was trying to sort it out the custom domain sorted itself out.

This is what happens when you try to rush things last minute. I should have had faith in Glide. I’m sorry I ever doubted :stuck_out_tongue:

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