I have som question what its best

what is best to use in glide as database - googlesheet database (as i import, i cannot choose in add app, because i use the free version )
or the glide own database

I saw a show how you could make your screen in the database
e.g. home screen
In database. Toptitle, Topimages, middleimages, middletext, bottomimage, bottomtext.

and you could then do that on all the screens you now had.
However, I think to myself, won’t it be heavy for the app to have to read the database every time? or is it a smart way to do it

If you choose googlesheet database, can you still create RowID?

Sorry all my questions. but would like to make my app as optimal as possible so that you don’t have to change it.

even though I just had to start over, when I discovered that some of the things I did could be made smarter and easier so that you could better control the individual functions, etc.

If you’re not sure, start with native Glide tables. You can always add other data sources later if you need to.

I don’t really understand your question, but when you open a Glide App you have a copy of the entire database on your phone (high capacity data sources are an exception to this, but it’s true for the vast majority of Glide Apps).


Don’t worry about that, you will have many throwaway Apps as you learn to build with Glide Apps. We all do.


Thanks again for your quick response. :smiley:

What I meant
I have a table in the database that I call home screen
and in that table I have made the following pendants
Top images, top text, middle images, middle text, bottom images, bottom text
when I go to the app’s home screen, it will load it from the database.
So my question was, is it a smart way to do it or does it burden the app.? that it can make it slow…

What do you mean by pendants? Do you mean columns or components?

Sorry some times i use googletranslate then i dont know how to write it on english
its a columns
and its this colums.
Toptitle, Topimages, middleimages, middletext, bottomimage, bottomtext.

my question are. are this smart to doit like this , so i in home screen i make it from database or its best i just use the function from Glide drag and drop

You can just write in your native language, sometimes there are things that you will express much better in your mother tongue.

okay but its danish and are there translate in this site?

We can use some methods of translation, so don’t worry about that.

okay good to know…
my problem are some times i dont know i to spell the word.

I try to write it on english so i could be better to write on english and explain on english

Ja, men hvis vi ikke kan forstå dit engelsk, så bliver det svært at give dig gode råd. Det er meget bedre at stille dit spørgsmål på dansk, så kan vi oversætte det, og vi forstår det bedre.


det har du helt ret i, jeg var bare ikke klar over at jeg kunne skrive det på mit sprog
og at i kan translate det.

Men typisk er det jo bare sådan når i så kommer med en forklaring hvad jeg skal gøre så er det svært at vide hvilke funktioner det er, da de står typisk på engelsk
Håber du kan forstå hvad jeg mener. alt hvad jeg bruger af programmer også her i glide står det på engelsk

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