I have made a community application where every user's pfp would be system generated, but I want to add an option that only those people who I wish to allow will be able to change their pfp and no one else

First thing - you cannot use computed columns as the source as any of your 3 User Profile columns (Name, Email, Image). So the way you have that setup at the moment your User Profiles configuration will be broken.

The way to do this is as follows:

  • Create an Image type (non-computed) column in your Profile table, and use this column in your User Profiles configuration. Call that one Profile Image
  • Rename the existing generated image column that you have there to something like “Default Image”
  • Now create an if-then-else column:
    – If Profile Image column is empty, then Default Image
    – Else Profile Image
  • Now everywhere in your App where you would normally display a Users profile image, use that if-then-else column as the image source of your component.

To control who can or cannot change their profile image, you just need to set conditional visibility on the Image Upload component on your Profile Edit screen. Or, you can apply conditional editing control on the whole screen.

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