I got an "over quota" error message literally seconds after publishing my page


Did I do anything wrong and can I do something to fix this?

Thank you!

Are you using the Free version with over 100 rows?

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I have pro plan and I got " Oops! This page is over quota" @david @SantiagoPerez

@Antonino_Nolasco hello! Which project?

Hello @david. Manutenzioni

@Antonino_Nolasco can you send me privately your Glide account email?

I can’t send you message, I got this message “Sorry, david is not accepting messages at the moment.” @david

Ok, I found the app – can you add david@heyglide.com so I can login?

I did it @david

@Antonino_Nolasco please open a support ticket so we can look more closely–your app is team-only: https://glide-help.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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I changed it, now you can access

@Antonino_Nolasco can you please add me again as a user?

I did it


Your App should be fine now.

@SantiagoPerez No, it doesn’t work


Please, check your support ticket.

Sorry, now it works. Thank you guys


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